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Western Table Western Table Manner Manner Western Table Western Table Manner Manner napkin plate glass knife spoon fork General Introduction Haibara Ai More ? Eating ...

L/O/G/O Western Table manners 西餐餐桌礼仪 Situation (情境) 本课程的所有内容是 依据你将来作为商务 人士或翻译的工作角 色来设计的,基于你 的近似真实的商务工 作过程。

商务宴请是商务交往 中与宾客沟通的重要 方式之一,而餐桌礼 仪是展现个人素质的 重要途径。

Business dinner is one of most important ways to communicate with your business partners or clients. And table manners will show your personal self-cultivation during this process. All we learn in this course are based on the real work in your future job as a businessman /businesswoman /interpretor. This unit aims to help us to---I.Identify the usage of western tablewares. 学会识别西餐餐具的用途。(theory) Learning objectives (学习目标) II. Understand the taboos of western table manners. 了解西餐用餐礼仪的禁忌。

(theory) III.Training task: How to apply table manners in a business dinner. 实训课任务:在商务宴请中运用这些礼仪。(practice) Training Tasks(实训任务) The task of this class is to have a dinner with your business partners or clients.And your client is from America. 下一次课的任务就是要宴请你的商业伙伴或客户,模拟 一次招待美国外宾的情境。 1) You should identify the western tableware and know how to use them. 要学会分辨西餐餐 具,了解其用途并 且注意优雅用餐。 Task 1 Task 2 2)You should know how to order American food. 了解怎么样点美国 西式西餐。 Leading-in导入 Discussion: What’s wrong with this lady? Bad behaviors in this vedio 1.Make noise between knives and plate 刀子和盘子之间制 造很大的声音 2.Drink beer directly without cup 直接拿啤酒瓶来 喝饮料 5.Pick teeth with finger 用手指剔牙齿 3.Wave the knife 刀子到处乱 挥舞 7.Play with the cup and make noise 玩弄杯子边缘发出 噪音 4.Talk while eating 嘴巴吃东西的 时候一边讲话 6.Moisten lips with the tongue 舔嘴巴 game Warming up:DIY 热身活动:自己动手 Try to arrange a formal table setting!(2 mins) 设计一次餐桌摆台(2分钟) Formal Table Setting 正式的餐桌摆台 Formal Table Setting 正式的餐桌摆台 I. Usage of western tablewares 西式餐具的用法 Napkin Glasses Knife &

fork a. Usage of napkin餐巾的使用 1) Pick yours up and lay it on your lap. 拿起你的餐巾,要一直放在双腿上,除了必要时用来擦嘴之外。 a. Usage of napkin餐巾的使用 a. Usage of napkin餐巾的使用 2) It should be the host who first use the napkin! 第一个打开餐巾布的人应该是主人,这个动作宣布晚宴正式开始。 a. Usage of napkin餐巾的使用 3) Napkin folded is placed on the left side of the table when the dinner is finished. Don’t roll it into a mass. 结束宴席后可随意叠好餐巾 放餐桌的左侧,不要揉成一 团。 b. Usage of knives and forks刀叉的使用 Basic kinds of knives and forks 基本的刀叉 b. Usage of knives and forks 刀叉的使用 How to properly use knives and forks? 怎么正确使用刀叉? b. Usage of knives and forks刀叉的使用 左手如果感觉不方便, 可以换右手拿叉,但 更换频繁则显得粗野。 You can change knife and fork between right and left hands, but not too often. b. Usage of knives and forks刀叉的使用 边说话边挥舞刀叉是 失礼的举动。

Waving the knives and forks are quite discourteous. b. Usage of knives and forks刀叉的使用 How to place the fork and knife on the plate after having the dinner?结束用餐后怎么放置刀叉? X √ b. Usage of knives and forks C. Usage of glasses 杯子的使用 种类 C. Usage of glasses 杯子的使用 种类 C. Usage of glasses杯子的使用 How to hold glasses 杯子的抓法 C. Usage of glasses杯子的使用 C. Usage of glasses杯子的使用 II. Taboos of western table manners 西餐礼仪的禁忌 Do not speak with your mouth full. 请勿满嘴食物的时候说话。 II. Taboos of western table manners 西餐礼仪的禁忌 Don’t fetch food from other people’s plate. 请勿从别人的盘子里取食物 II. Taboos of western table manners 西餐礼仪的禁忌 Don’t blow on hot food or drink. 请勿用嘴吹凉食物及饮料。 Don’t chew with your mouth open. 用餐时请勿张开嘴巴咀嚼。 II. Taboos of western table manners 西餐礼仪的禁忌 Don’t smoke any cigarettes during a dinner. 用餐时请勿吸烟。 Don’t mash or mix food on your plate. 请勿在盘子上捣碎或搅拌食物。 Don’t sip from a coffee spoon or teaspoon. 请勿使用咖啡勺或茶匙喝咖啡或茶。 Summary(小结) Point 1 知识点1 Point 2 知识点2 Point 2 知识点2 1. Usages of napkin, knives and forks and glasses. 餐巾,刀叉和杯子 的用法。 2. Taboos of table manners. 西餐礼仪禁忌。 Homework:作业 ? 阅读:<<用餐的礼 仪与优雅>>

? 写一篇英文200字的 读书报告。

? 对比中西方餐桌礼仪, 每个宿舍制作一个 PPT做展示。 L/O/G/O

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Unit 7 Food Festival Topic 2 Section C western table mannersTeaching aims:Chant 1aRead and understand1bWork alone1a Read and understand2Revision:PresentationEating ...

Simple English 森博英语 Western Table Manners People who go to a formal Western dinner party for the first time may be surprised by table manners in Western culture. Knowing ...

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